PM Narendra Modi on Monday hailed the High Court decision in the JMM pay-off case considering it an “extraordinary judgment” that will guarantee “clean governmental issues”. The High Court overruled the 1998 Narasimha Rao decision saying that “an MP or MLA can't guarantee resistance from arraignment on a charge of pay off regarding the vote/discourse in the Parliament/regulative get-together.”

In a post on X, PM Modi said, “An extraordinary judgment by the Hon'ble High Court which will guarantee clean legislative issues and develop individuals' confidence in the framework.”

The High Court decision overruled the 1998 Narasimha Rao decision which had safeguarded MPs who had enjoyed vote-in favor of payoff and saved them from arraignment for casting a ballot for the Narasimha Rao-drove Congress government in 1993.

In its consistent decision, the seven-judge seat said, “The 1998 decision was perplexing as it safeguarded pay off taking MPs who vote in light of it yet permitted arraignment of the people who didn't cast a ballot.”

Articles 105 and 194 arrangement with the powers and honors of MPs and MLAs in Parliament and regulative congregations.

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