Artificial Intelligence (AI), has generated images depicting the “scariest thing in the world”, responding to users' queries. These images show monsters with sharp teeth and empty eyes. Craiyon AI (formerly known as Dall E mini AI image generator) created the images. It generates images based upon prompts. It gathered nightmarish images together to produce the final result for the query “Scariest image”.

These monsters resembled characters from horror movies and TV series such as It or Stranger Things. These images can also be shared on TikTok (not available in India) and other social media platforms.

It is simple to use the. The website has a text box that allows users to type in the types of images they want and Craiyon AI will generate the image.

Some images appear blurry, and the maintenance team is currently working to correct this problem. The system uses unfiltered data on the internet to generate the final result.

These AI systems are trained using millions of images that have been taken. The AI then analyzes the patterns to provide answers to user questions.

It became viral when users on social media discovered that it could create scary and funny images, and began posting about it.

It has been asked by users about the last thing they see before dying, their biggest fears, and what Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse future will look like.

It also creates scary images based on the name of a person.

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